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Omri Lahav, photo by Inbal Kim Nahir

Omri Lahav is an award winning composer and songwriter.

Born in Israel, he began playing piano at the age of 3, and has been living and breathing music ever since. As a composer, Lahav creates music with the approach of a storyteller: blending a lush, melodic style with a strong sensibility for story and world-building. Educated in Western classical music and a self-taught folk artist, Omri's passion for world music and rare instruments allows him to bring a unique color to his music.

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Finding the right music to tell your story is key.

Please feel free to reach out and tell me about your project. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in crafting impactful musical narratives, I'll help translate your vision into a musical score that elevates it to new heights. 

Thanks for reaching out!

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