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O M R I   L A H A V

Composer Reel (2022)
Burning Land - The Cycle Goes On

Burning Land - The Cycle Goes On

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Israeli composer, songwriter and instrumentalist Omri Lahav creates music with the approach of a storyteller - blending a lush, melody-driven style with a strong sensibility for story and world-building.

Educated in Western classical music and a self-taught folk artist, Omri's passion for folklore and music from around the world allows him to bring some truly unique colors to every piece of music.

His ability to write in a broad variety of genres, combining craftsmanship and technology with a profound love for modern orchestral repertoire make Lahav a versatile and effective composer.

Nominated for an Israeli Televsion Academy Award in 2015 and 2020, Omri is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and a member of The Recording Academy, and the Israeli Film & Television Academy.

Omri lives in Israel and works as a full time composer for film, television and interactive media.

Omri Lahav with the Israeli Chamber Orchestra

Photo by Sharon Tal

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