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January 25, 2016

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0 A.D. Music Blog #2 - Honor Bound

September 6, 2014


As we progressed to Alpha 7, the Main Menu was redesigned by the team, and the music changed accordingly with a track titled “Honor Bound”.
(By the way, I’d like to take a second here and thank all the team members for suggesting track titles!)

Two new introductions to the game were the defeat track: “Dried Tears”, and the Carthaginian civilization – complete with two new tracks: “Peaks of Atlas” and “Mediterranean Waves”.



Percussion artist Dror Parker came in to record riq, frame drum, darbuka and tom parts.

He recorded freely for several minutes, using only a metronome - and I then built the music of Carthage around his incredible work!

Other than these distinct percussion sounds, I chose to portray Carthage with bamboo shakers, a bamboo flute and a duduk.Granted, the duduk is an ancient Armenian instrument with no historic relation to Carthage, but like I mentioned in the previous blog I wasn't looking to create a period-score, just one that works and is compelling enough in-game. 




Last but not least for Alpha 7, my three original A5 tracks were remixed and remastered, and flutist Marta Mc’cave came in to record the flute part on the Hellenic track, “Forging a City-State”.

Her improvisation over it was so awesome, that I added a whole segment to the piece based on it – and it is thanks to her mastery of the flute that this track is so alive, and remains one of my favorites today!




Thanks for listening, stay tuned for more 0 A.D. music!

- Omri Lahav




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