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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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There's a Shadow on the Sun!

October 30, 2014

I'm unsure about the month, but the year was definitely 2005.

I was roaming the message boards on The Muse’s News and came across a playwright in need of a composer!
I was just coming out of another big musical theater job, and decided to give it ago…

At first, Bob Gould seemed uncertain, so I offered to make a song or two and take it from there.
He was on board, and the following day I had two draft recordings ready.

Gladly, Bob and co-writer Jimmy Granstrom liked them well enough, and we set about creating the music for Shadow on the Sun, an original Sci-Fi musical!

Before long we had a clear musical vision, involving two distinct scores to match the two parallel stories in the play…


After we finished drafting all of the songs, the show was put on hold until it can be funded and produced. Time slowly passed, and late in 2013 Bob asked if I can get a few of the Shadow songs recorded for his album, Words Shared with Friends.
At first it seemed too hectic for me, but somehow I made it – and boy am I glad I did!
I got piano playbacks ready and sent over to Bob for vocal recordings in London, and I'm happy to say I'm absolutely thrilled with the results - the cast Bob put together is absolutely fantastic!


Forever is a dark, 7 minute jazzy ballad.
It’s performed by Joe Sterling, Shaun Mc’Court and Jodie Steele.

Joe’s narration and vocals were absolutely chilling… just the right amount of creepy!
When I first heard Shaun’s performance, I was struck by how pure and clear his voice was, yet how powerful it sounded during the big parts.
Jodie is a true West End star, and I was not at all surprised to be awestruck by her nimble and passionate performance!


If I could Change my Life was one of the first few songs I composed, back in 2005...
It’s been brought to life by Andrew Bateup and Carolyn Maitland.

Andrew’s performance blew me away from the first few notes, and just as I thought “there’s no way to follow that act”, Carolyn’s track came in, and sent my jaw right back to the floor.


Both the tracks were mastered by Joe Davison of Auburn Jam Studios, London.
If at first I was a bit nervous about relinquishing control of my music… now I’m a believer :)

These songs were featured on Bob Gould's album, Words Shared with Friends, nominated for BraodwayWorld.co.uk's Best New Compilation album, 2014!
It's available on iTunes or Amazon if you're so inclined :)

And in May of 2014, three Shadow songs were to be performed live at the 6th annual Giggin’4Good concert in London... Naturally - I had to be there!
It was great to finally meet Bob after years and years of collaboration, and I’m truly grateful that almost the entire original cast was able to be there and sing the songs on stage!
A special thank-you to Keith JW Ramsay who stood in for Joe Sterling, who couldn't make it.


Right now we’re pressing on, recording another song – a big, dramatic one with five voice harmonies!

I hope we get to do a Shadow on the Sun workshop soon, and carry out this wonderful, moody show! At least in musical terms, I'm really looking forward to the day I get to share all the Shadow songs - I'm so pleased and proud of them :)

Thanks for reading, stay tuned :)

 - Omri Lahav

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