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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Global Game Jammin' - 2015!

January 4, 2015

This year's Global Game Jam found me the busiest I've been in years... with a few unfinished projects lingering from 2014, and several new ones coming in at the turn of the year.


On the actual GGJ weekend I've had to work to meet a deadline, as well as play a show in Tel-Aviv... So I couldn't attend the event - but was determined to participate nonetheless!

I contacted three friends and collaborators - Hadas Noam, Elad Drory and Oded Sharon, and to my gratitude they were all happy to make room for me in their teams!


By the time I got home from the Tel-Aviv show, it was well into Friday night, and time was running short... but I've never missed a deadline before, and I wasn't about to start now.


The first piece that came to be was for Elad's project, "Dungeon Crawler" - a unique text-based adventure, where multiple players crawl the dungeon and vote on which action to take next!

This was really fun to play-test from home :)

We were going for a slightly creepy tune with a slightly vintage 8 bit sound.


The next one was for my oldest collaborator in the field of video games - Hadas!


In this two player co-op Adventure Game, each player controls a character on a separate half of the screen - and puzzles are solved by team work!


We were going for an upbeat theme, with a mix between modern electronic and vintage 8 bit sounds.



The third project I got to do this year was for Oded's Cruise in a Body - an ominous murder mystery game set on a stranded yacht...


We decided to go with a minimal, brooding ambient track to enhance the suspense.



Toward the start of 2016, I have a major undertaking planned... but I hope to once again return to the Game Jam and bring you some more spontaneous video game music :)


Thanks for listening, stay tuned!


- Omri Lahav

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