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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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0 A.D. Music Blog #6 - Alpha 10

January 29, 2015


Alpha 10 came around in a particularly busy time of my career, and therefor didn't include a lot of new music.
It did however, include “You are Victorious!”, the first victory track in the game (and a polite nod to AoE!).


My dedication to 0 A.D. compelled me to make time to create at least one more new track for this land mark alpha...

So I called a friend and asked him if he can come record some Greek bouzouki tracks for the Hellenic tribes.
Alas, he was too busy - but allowed me to borrow his bouzouki and have a go at it myself... until that point I have never played a bouzouki.

Still, somehow my first improvisation session yielded one of my favorite 0 A.D. tracks yet - "In the Shadow of Olympus", based entirely on the bouzouki.
I had since fallen in love with the instrument, and purchased one of my own on eBay - it will be used many more times with relation to the Hellenic tribes, as well as other Hellenic sub factions.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for more 0 A.D. music!

- Omri Lahav

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