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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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The Making of "Ron" #1 - Scramblin'!

February 25, 2015


A few months ago, I got a call from an old friend by the name of Evyatar Halimi.

He said one of his fellow film students, Ron Feldman, got the chance to produce his own TV show, for the largest network in Israel – “Yes!”


If you’re in the TV bizz, you know that never happens… a young, fresh director getting funded and played on a major network?!

This was a victory for independent artists everywhere!
So right from the start, I knew this project is going to be close to heart...


We met to discuss the music, the key words were “raw”, “improvised”, “jam”, and “funky” - right up my alley :)


Alas, networks are from Venus and artists are from Mars – and they insisted he worked with their in-house composer...


One night last month, I got an urgent sounding text.
It mentioned a crisis – the music wasn’t working, and wondered if I can make something for the next morning.
Within a couple of hours I aligned reference tracks of my own onto two major scenes, and we were ready to present the alternative to the network execs!

The good news was, they gave us the green light... The bad news was, the deadline was about a month away!


With 13 episodes to score, record, edit, mix and master – that’s quite unnerving, especially since they were not picture-locked yet!

We quickly met again, to discuss genres, sounds, influences, spotting and all that important stuff - and concluded that we want a live ensemble.


Seeing as we also want to be flexible in editing, we decided to record in “batches” – bass and drums together to capture raw, funk energy, and everything else added later.

And so I set out to map tempos, record guide material where needed and find the right musicians for this project. I reached out to two good friends and talented musicians – Yaniv Cohen (double bass, bass guitar) and Guy Paz (drums)... before long, we scheduled two recording sessions!


The charts arrived almost blank of any musical information, and were used more like “spotting maps”, to signal entrances, pauses, stings and exists.

It was exciting to watch these two bring those blank segments to life :)



And we totally went for it, full power - incorporating grooves that vary from odd-meter fusion to old skool funk, steaming Latin and good ol’ Motown!



Stay tuned for part 2, in which I’ll go over the actual miracles that took place to allow us to finish this insane production!


As always - thanks for listening :)


 - Omri Lahav







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