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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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The Making of "Ron" #2 - Catchin' Up!

March 4, 2015


Mere weeks after we first discussed references and genre, we’re halfway through the recording process of the “Ron” soundtrack!

After two awesome bass & drum sessions, it was time to fill in the rest of the band!


The immediate next step for me was recording my own guitar and keyboard takes on the music, making sure to keep it spontaneous – never recording more than two takes per part.

I had two days to get it done for all the episodes (before our next performer came in to add percussion), and by some miracle that was enough!


On the morning of the percussion session, I heard from our musician that he couldn’t make it.

With the studio already booked and the director leaving the editing room early to attend the recordings… we were in need of yet another miracle.



Enter Rotem Az-Ogen!
Rotem is an incredible drummer, percussionist and human being, who despite being a very busy performer and studio owner, was able to make time for us.


The session was unbelievably quick, every track sounding exactly the way we wanted – from funk to Cuban and gypsy music, this guy had it all down! 




Two days to edit and breathe… and we're right back at it for our trombone session!


Moran Baron, one of Israel’s best trombone players came in and delivered some amazing work – it was truly a sight to behold!
His solos were nimble, complex and perfect in every way, the melody playing was clean and evocative, and the parts of an entire brass section arrangement were laid down in no time!


At the time of writing this post, the first three episodes are ready - which is great, because the show airs in a couple of weeks!

A few more editing sessions with Ron himself, a bit of mixing, and the first season of "Ron" will be fully scored.



Despite many obstacles and a very tight schedule - I am very proud of the results, and am looking forward to seeing "Ron" on Television, and hopefully scoring season 2 with this amazing team I've put together!


As always - thanks for listening :)


 - Omri Lahav


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