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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Dust Chronicles #2 - At The Door!

May 5, 2015

We’re almost there… a month from now, we’ll be setting up mics and getting ready to hit the record button for the first time!

The songs have gone through revisions and refinement, pre-production is almost done, and I can say with all my heart –

I absolutely LOVE this album!


I am proud to put my name on it, and more importantly, I am genuinely excited to make it – which has everything to do with the amazing people who have come on board without hesitation :)


Since the age of 13, I’ve had two musical co-conspirators… they have been part of most of my shenanigans, and I consider them nothing short of family.


Bar Guzi has written four of the songs on the album, and will also be playing the drums!

Yotam Ronen has written one of the songs, will be playing the tin whistles and is co-producing the album with me!


At the turn of the year, these life-long friendships will likely be separated due to Bar and myself moving to different states in the U.S., and Yotam moving to Europe.


While I am saddened, I will not be disheartened – to me, it just makes this album all the more important.

A creative mind is only the sum of its experiences, and I could never hope to properly articulate the experience of my life without including these two brothers in arms.



Another addition to the team is Itay Haruvi, probably the most promising audio engineer I’ve ever worked with. I was thrilled when he agreed to join (before even hearing the material), and even more so when he liked my early drafts!

When I was ready, I sent an email regarding my ideas for the album… and within minutes he replied with a coherent, detailed plan of action, right down to the nitty-gritty!

Itay will also be handling the mixing of the end results… which is a monumental task I have never felt comfortable delegating to anyone – until now :)


The album team is only being formed, and already includes too many people to list in just one blog post!

I am truly touched and humbled that so many great talents are willing to share my journey, and am looking forward to this incredible adventure!


Stay tuned for more tales from the studio, and as always – thanks for listening!


 - Omri.

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