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January 25, 2016

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Dust Chronicles #4 - The First Recording Sessions!

July 1, 2015

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 - 09:00 AM.


I am joined in the studio by drummer Bar Guzi and recording engineer Itay Haruvi.

Having spent half a day setting up, positioning microphones, getting creative with the room mic placements, setting up projects, building a bass drum tunnel, and most importantly - tuning the drums... we're finally ready to start recording!

And once we started, there was no stopping us!


Thanks to Guzi's musicianship and Haruvi's mastery, my music immediately sprung to life!


I was really moved to see these two incredibly talented people become so invested, deeply caring about every single drum stroke - making sure everything was perfectly tight and clean!


I scheduled the drum marathon for the whole week...

little did I know Bar will have the whole thing done (drums AND percussion) in just under three days - including one brand new song I wrote after the first day of recording!

It wasn't long before Haruvi and I finished editing all the recordings, and the white board looked like this:


Some technobabble for my fellow audio geeks :)

We daisy chained Haruvi's RME UCX to my Fireface 800 via optic cables, and recorded drums on 12 channels, at 96kHz - the result was a brilliantly balanced image...

Even just listening to the overheads, the whole set rings true!

We moved the room mic pretty far away and facing into a corner, for a super crisp, spacious sound.


After Haruvi and I finished editing the last song, I was so excited that I went down to the yard with my dog, and we just jumped up and down for a solid 5 minutes!


Here are some pictures from the first day in the studio:


Can't wait to share this project with you all!

Thanks for listening :)


  - Omri.

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