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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Dust Chronicles #7 - Electric Guitars and Celtic Harp!

September 12, 2015

August 27th – September 1st.

I’ve wanted to get a really great, warm, vintage guitar amp for this album – something along the lines of a 65 Fender Twin Reveb, Marshall JTM 45 or VOX AC30… So I contacted a vintage amp collector who happens to live in my area!
After two meetings cancelled and three calls going to voicemail, I let it go.


Having found nothing of interest in any nearby music shops, I took it as a sign and decided to use my own amp – which is what I should have done from the very start :)

Turns out, my Bugera V22 with Celestion greenback speaker sounded absolutely perfect, with just the right amount of edge!


I once again borrowed gear from Yotam Ronen, this time – a VOX Straight 6 overdrive pedal, and I did everything with this one unit – from letting the clean signals pass through its 12AX7 tube with the gain at 0, to screaming guitar solos!


The guitar I chose to use was actually my first electric guitar – a 1993 Japanese Fender Stratocaster, which I’ve modified in several ways along the years.
It now packs DiMarzio pick ups (Area 58, Area 61, Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues), Sperzel locking tuners (these things should be worth their weight in gold), a Super-Vee tremolo system, and of course – the ever useful push-pull serial mod!


On Saturday, 05.09.15, I drove up to northern Israel to visit a new friend, Inbal Kim Nahir – who allowed me the use of her beautiful, hand crafted Celtic harp!
I’ve never actually played the harp before, but as a lifelong pianist and plucked strings player, I figured I’d do fine :)

And indeed, I simply couldn’t put this thing down, it came naturally to me, and was so much fun exploring and playing around with!

In addition to adding some amazingly unique color to my arrangements, harp recordings became my strategic breaks from the guitar-athon, and allowed me to clear my head between takes without leaving the studio.


Recording my main instrument in parallel with a brand new one was an interestingly polar experience! Now more than ever, I can’t wait to share this album with you all :)


Thanks for listening!


- Omri


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