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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Dust Chronicles #8 - Strings Attached!

September 23, 2015


September 23rd, 2015.

For the past month, my white board has been adorned with a slowly filling electric guitar chart, and two days ago I ticked the final box!


After a two day break to clear my head, today I sat down and listened through the whole album… without any of my draft tracks – only (raw, unmixed) final recordings.


I was so pleased with the results that I rewarded myself with the rest of the day off to play video games :)


Everything sounded just right, and this was extra important to me - because after all I am a guitar player... and while I have set a very high bar for single aspect of this production, the guitars above all else, must be perfect!


Many of my influences are clearly audible in my songwriting, but nowhere do they shine more brightly than in my guitar work.
Most notably of course, Mr. Mark Knopfler, whom I absolutely adore!


For fellow gearheads only:
The main guitar I used was my trusted Fender Stratocaster (Japan, 1993) modified with DiMarzzio pickups (Area 58, Area 61, Heavy Blues), a SuperVee tremolo system, Sperzel locking tuners and the ever useful push-pull serial mod.
I used an Ibanez AS73 hollow body (Korea, 2004), for doublings or whenever a phatter tone was needed.

They were recorded in a two way split – directly into a vintage Klark D.I. (just in case), then into a Bugera V22 amp (modified with a Celestion greenback speaker).
The amp was captured with a Shure Beta57 and an Audix D4, slightly off axis, as well as a RODE K2 room mic (omni pattern).

A VOX Straight 6 tube overdrive was used in front of the amp – this thing proved to be ridiculously versatile and delivered absolutely everything I could ever need, from screaming tube distortion to crunchy overdrives and warm clean boosts!
I was also going through a TC Electronic PolyTune and a ModTone volume pedal - opting to add reverb and modulation based FX in the digital domain.




As always, thanks for listening :)

 - Omri

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