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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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A Mortal's Tear - Launch Night!

September 24, 2015

Back in 2013, me and my dear old friend Infy Snow took the first step in the thousand mile journey we share - and met in my studio to begin work on Infy's song, Black Light.

Things very quickly got out of hand, and we soon found ourselves producing an album, featuring Infy's songs, as well as two songs composed by yours truly, and several songs composed together.

On September 24th, 2015, it was finally time to bring the melodic, orchestral metal beast we created to life - on stage!

It was a monumental task to be sure, and we had very little time to prepare...


Infy gathered an incredible band for the occasion:

We knew we'd need a sick drummer to step into the shoes (and double bass pedals) of Jeff Willet... enter Dror Goldstein - who did an absolutely incredible job, and nailed it to the wall!

Liev Krezhner was brought in to play bass and sing backup vocals, Auria Sapir was my partner-in-crime on guitar, and after several candidates fell through - my good friend Sapir Wolloch was our keyboard player!

Such a complex gig would not be possible without a dedicated and talented sound man, so I brought in my friend (and the person recording my album!) Itay Haruvi.


We arrived at the Tmuna Theater around 15:30, to make sure everything was set up correctly... plenty of moving pieces on stage, guest performers, laptop, alternating guitars, in-ear monitors... we spared no expanse, and it totally paid off :)


By 21:30, the show has been SOLD OUT entirely, with many people still lined up outside!

The opening by Shiran was great, and set a very high bar... motivating us to play even better :)

It's impossible to describe properly... the air was electric, over 300 people, chanting Infy's name, singing along with all the songs, jumping and dancing and having an absolute blast...

I know I had the time of my life on that stage, and I was proud to share it with such an amazingly talented group.



Probably the best part - the show was recorded and filmed, and I'm looking forward to sharing the videos with you all :)

I'm positive that there will be plenty more coming from Infy, so visit the official website or Facebook page and stay tuned!


As always, thanks for listening :)


 - Omri

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