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Scoring the "Angry Jew" game trailer!

January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Scoring iPollute!

February 11, 2016

A few years ago, my old friend and collaborator Hadas Noam contacted me to score an environmentally friendly puzzle game.


Needless to say, I was immediately on board - not only was it a great idea, but I always enjoyed working with Hadas :)


This would later become iPollute - a charming puzzle game, jam packed with humor and incredible stop-motion animations!


Distributed by BulkyPix, iPollute was Apple featured, GDC Best in Play honorably mentioned, chosen as one of Efficycle's 365 innitiatives to reinvent the world (2014) and featured on two HumbleBundles!


In the game, you are the ruler of a small and unspoiled island, and we decided the layer the music with accordance to the amount of pollution you cause (or clear up!)

We ended up with four distinct layers:



The first layer was folky, but a bit quirky.

To match the visual style and tone of the game (which uses toys as part of the environment), I decided to include percussion toys and a kazoo in this one.

The second layer was introduced when your pollution levels started piling up, and was a bit more intense - but still mostly accoustic.

The drums that drive this layer were played by my friend Bar Guzi.

The third layer was more electronic, and only played if pollution levels were critically high.

It's driven by metallic junk sounds I recorded and edited, along with electronic and 8 bit drums - it sure was fun to make!

The fourth and final layer was played only if you succesfully cleared away all the pollution from your island.

It returned to the original theme from layer 1, but in a cleaner, non-quirky way.

The beautiful flute solo was played by another dear friend of mine, Marta Mc'Cave Dayan.

You can download iPollute right here:


As always, thanks for listening :)


  - Omri Lahav.,


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