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January 25, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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Dust Chronicles #11 - Mixing!

March 11, 2016

Early in March, 2016

Before I started this process, I wanted to put together a team of talented people.

Ones who can balance out my own skills, and cover my blind spots.


Among the first in that list was Itay Haruvi - a very talented mixing and recording engineer, whos taste in music is similar to mine.

What more could I possibly ask for? :)


After we concluded our vocal sessions, Itay traveled to London (along with my pianist, Jonathan Linav) to record an album with legendary record producer Chris Potter (U2, Rolling Stones, The Verve).

Immediately upon his return, we started mixing!


When I walked in the door, all 11 songs were already pretty well rough-mixed, around 80% done.

The drums were sounding particularly good, and I was surprised to learn that our rich, "Dire-Straits"ish toms were almost untouched - the source recording was simply that good!


On the lead guitars, a sensitive spot for every guitarist - Haruvi used a multiband saturation plugin that brought out exactly the right sound for each solo.

I am absolutely thrilled about that! :)


When time came to treat the lead vocals, we found that feeding my takes through a Manley Variable Mu really brought them to life!

The vocals passed through both channels (one slammed down hard, and one only "warmed up"), and were recorded back to the project - shiny and crisp :)

(I was impressed by how musical this unit is, even when we slammed the compressor down with a 10db gain reduction, the vocals came through crystal-clear!)


In every mix, when the playback feels almost ready - we fire up the compressor to warm up the tubes before routing the vocals through it... it's a process we've affectionately come to call "Manley time!":

At the time of writing this blog post, 11.03.16 - 9 of 11 songs have been mixed.

We've decided to canvas the entire album and only then go into the revisions stage, so they're not done yet - but they sound so good, and I am so excited and proud :)


Over the next couple of weeks we'll be putting the finishing touches on the album, and move on to mastering.... after which I'll divert my attention to the graphic side of things!

Until then, here are a few random shots from the mixing process at Haruvi's studio.


Haruvi adjusting the vocal compression settings:

That time Yotam Ronen dropped by for a day of mixing:

This little guy visits me every day on my "sun break" from the studio :)


As always, thanks for listening, stay tuned for the final chapters in the making of Dust!


- Omri


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